Independently Tested Xylitol Products

We love xylitol as an ingredient to satisfy our sweet-tooth and fight tooth decay while being kind to our insulin system. Unfortunately, not every product out there using xylitol is the best, so here we have some links to products we've tested and like. We hope you enjoy them too.

This site is just getting started. Expect reviews, ratings, pretty colors, and tested products we didn't like in the future.

Bulk Xylitol

XyloSweet is how we first found out about xylitol - they used to carry it in the diabetic section of WalMart, then it moved to their sweeteners section in the grocery area (next to the Splenda) where it was always running out of stock. Now it's completely gone from their stores and website, but fortunately we can still get it online. Xylosweet in the 5lb bag seems to be the most cost-effective bulk purchase short of 55lb bags from the manufacturer which only yields a 10% discount over buying these small bags.


We've tried a few different types of gum sweetened with xylitol and Spry Gum (assorted flavors and sizes) is the best. It has good flavorings and the gum and flavor last a long time. They're on the small side, so you might want to chew two at a time. Buy the 600-piece bulk size for the best value or the blister packs to give to friends and trick-or-treat'ers.


So far only Spry Lemon Mints are really excellent. Other brands and other flavors lack the ability to pass as good candy.

Personal Care Products

Tom's of Maine has been using xylitol in their Anti-Plaque Toothpaste for a number of years and they've been making excellent toothpaste for a long time. The fennel flavor is amazing, for those of us who love fennel, or there are two other flavors.


Xlear Nasal Spray purports to use xylitol's anti-bacterial properties against sinus infections. Anecdotally, we think it is beneficial.
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